What to Serve With Falafel?

If you haven’t heard of falafel, you’re not alone. It’s a deep-fried, Middle Eastern food made from ground broad beans and chickpeas. But what is Falafel, exactly? And how do you prepare it? These are some of the questions we’ll answer in this article.

What to Serve With Falafel?

What to Serve With Falafel?

A creamy salad dressing is a great accompaniment to falafel balls. It can be made in a variety of ways and goes well as a dip. Heavy cream is a great ingredient for the creamy texture. This salad dressing can also be used to top a falafel salad.

Pickled onions pair well with falafel and are also a great addition to meze platters. Pickled onions are made by finely chopping red onions. A mixture of vinegar, sugar and salt is then added. The resulting mixture is a tasty condiment. Pickled onions can be added to salads, meze platters or wraps.

An olive salad is another great accompaniment to falafel. This salad is full of briny flavors and Mediterranean herbs. Ingredients include roasted red peppers, black and green olives, red onion, cloves, red wine vinegar, dried basil and oregano. You can refrigerate the olive salad for a few hours before serving.

If you’re serving falafel as a snack or light meal, it’s important to have a salad to accompany it. Falafel pairs well with salads made from chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, parsley, olives, and bulgur wheat. You can serve the falafel with salad as a side dish or eat it as an entree. If you’re not serving falafel as a main dish, you can serve it with rice pilaf and roasted vegetables.

Falafel is a popular street food in many Middle Eastern countries. It is a delicious, low-fat snack with a high level of protein. It is also rich in fiber, which may help lower cholesterol. Its name comes from the Aramaic word meaning “small round”.

Aside from the falafel itself, you can serve it with salad, vegetables, and tahini sauce. Of course, if you’re serving it as a meal, it will also go well with some other side dishes. You can even serve it alone with a sauce or a salad, if you’d prefer.

If you’re serving falafel to a group of people, you can also serve them with a Greek-style tzatziki. This yogurt sauce is delicious spread on pita and served with falafel. The yogurt and cucumber in this sauce complements the falafel’s flavor and can also be a healthy snack for the whole family.

How to make Falafel?

What to Serve With Falafel?

When it comes to falafel, there are many things you can use to make them better. One tip is to add a clove of garlic to the mixture. Also, you can add baking powder to give your falafel a lighter texture. Ground cumin also helps to give the falafel a well-rounded flavor. Lemon juice is also a great addition to give your falafel an authentic Middle Eastern flavor. Once you have the ingredients listed above, you can begin to mix the ingredients together in a food processor and form small balls. Then, you can either chill them for a few hours or deep fry them until they are golden brown.

Falafel can be made with either canned or dry chickpeas. If using canned chickpeas, use 3/4 cup to one cup of chickpea flour. The mixture should be coarse like couscous, but not too coarse. Otherwise, the falafel will fall apart when cooking in the oil.

How to store Falafel?

Falafel is best stored in the fridge or freezer and can last for up to 4 days. However, if falafel is not stored properly, it can go bad and develop a foul smell. To avoid this, try to keep your falafel in an airtight container. Falafel that is dry will keep for much longer than those that are moist or wet.

Falafel is a delicious vegan-friendly meal and is full of protein. It can be baked or fried, or mixed with vegetables for a healthy vegetarian meal. It’s also freezer-friendly and can be frozen uncooked or cooked. It’s best to keep frozen falafel in an airtight container to prevent them from spoiling.


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