Shrimp Sausage

Unique to Sliders and signature creation of chef David Pickett! Words are a poor vehicle to describe these sausages. A hip non-traditional interpretation made with a blend of shrimp, chicken and other secret ingredients topped with our homemade marinara and served with cheese toast.

Tiki Chicken

Skewers of chicken wrapped with smoked bacon + served over a sweet teriyaki sauce.

Crab & Cheese Cigars

Luscious lump crab meat, Parmesan + Provolone cheeses hand rolled in a spring roll wrapper + baked with cracked pepper marinara.

Shrimp Dip

A local favorite made with fresh Mayport Shrimp, real cream cheese, fresh chopped vegetables and spices.

Crostino with Beef Tenderloin

“Little toast” topped with slices of tender beef plus our special horseradish cream sauce.

Artichoke Seafood Dip

This hot dip is simple and wonderful! Lump crab meat and Mayport Shrimp folded into a creamy artichoke mixture, served with crostini.

Fish Fingers

Hand cut fillets of fish Cajun grilled served with our homemade jalapeño tartar sauce.

Triple “C” Fritters

Chipotle, Corn, + Cheese topped with roasted Vidalia onion Remoulade.

Half Dozen Baked Oysters

Choose one of three unique serving options

Rockefeller Topped with a mixture of finely chopped greens, shallots, Pernod +Parmesan cheese.

Davinci BBQ Baked with a blend of Parmesan, bacon + garlic and finished with a dollop of our tangy BBQ sauce.

Crouton Gumbo Crispy homemade croutons covered with our New Orleans-inspired gumbo.

Steamed Shrimp

1/2 pound of fresh Mayport peel and eat shrimp cooked fresh for you

Raw Oysters

Fresh and served on the half shell. 1/2 Dozen or · Full Dozen

Steamed Oysters

You Shuck ’em! 1/2 Dozen, Full dozen or a Quarter Bushel

Full Meals

Our Chefs create original menus on a daily basis from the freshest fish and produce.

Butternut Grouper

A local favorite for 30 years! Baked with a crust of herbed seasoned breadcrumbs plus buttered pecans with herbal Basmati rice + vegetable of the day.

Seafood Gumbo

New Orleans true seafood gumbo served over garlic mashed potatoes. A Sliders’ institution for 30 years!

Sweet Lump Crab Cake

Believe us this one will satisfy you. Sautéed until crisp topped withroasted jalapeno tartar with vegetable of the day plus herbal Basmati rice.

Seafood Meatloaf

The astonishing Sliders invention! Shrimp, chicken, Kielbasa sausage + other secret ingredients served over garlic mashed potatoes then finished with Cajun gravy. Talk about good! Oh my!

Seafood Pasta

Fresh Mayport shrimp, mussels plus fresh fish bites tossed with a fragrant rosemary + garlic red sauce over linguine.

Hunter’s Platter

Grilled beef tenderloin hand wrapped with bacon + pork medallions varnished with sweet teriyaki along with vegetable of the day with herbal Basmati rice.

Shrimp & Cheese Grits

Wild-caught Shrimp and fresh Roma tomatoes sauteed in a zesty garlic wine sauce served over creamy cheese grits.

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Grilled slices of chicken breast in a creamy Cajun sauce, served over linguine.

Seafood Vieja

A Spanish term “Old Clothes,” describes the ribbons of ingredients, shrimp,fish, peppers, olives + onions resembling a mess of colorful rags in this robust stew served over herbed rice.


Key Lime Pie

Our award winning recipe! Made with a thick homemade graham cracker crust and yes it’s real!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two tasty homemade white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Brownie Alamode

Rich and gooey! Fudgy chocolate brownie topped with tasty vanilla ice cream.

Florida Snow Ball

A generous scoop of yummy vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut on a bed of raspberry and caramel sauce.

Dessert of the Day

Ask your server about today’s homemade favorite.

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